photo by Robyn Gallagher
photo by Robyn Gallagher
The 23 Things @ King!

Welcome KLHT Middle School teachers!

Discovery Exercises and Tasks

Below you will find a list of 23 "Things" that will help you learn about Web 2.0. A new thing will be released each week. Each "Thing" consists of one or more Discovery Exercises and Learning Tasks. Links to the details for each "Thing" will be added as the course progresses, typically at a rate of about 1 per week. Remember, you are in charge of your learning journey. This course is about exposure, exploration and experimentation, not about "doing it right."

Stretch Activities

Along the way, you will also encounter a few Stretch activities accompanying some of the "Things." Stretch activities are designed to enrich and extend your learning. Everyone is encouraged to try at least some of them, but they are not required. If you are already comfortable with a particular tool or concept, you should definitely complete the Stretch activity!

For additional Stretch options offered to KLHT participants by your coach, John Faig, check out the King Stretch page.


Each of the "Things" below links to an activity on the original K12 Learning 2.0 course site, as created by Shelley Paul. While we will be completing the identical set of activities, our "KLHT 2.0" course will unfold on an extended timeline, and will occasionally require a different "publishing protocol" for completing a particular task. Any and all variations will be clearly noted in green text under the accompanying "Thing" description. If you are at all confused about how to proceed with a particular task, please check with John Faig before proceeding.

The 23 Things:

Click the link to view details for each "Thing."

Make sure that you update your progress in the Google Docs spreadsheet when you complete an item.

  • Introduction
    • Thing 0 - Learn about the course, get yourself a Google/Gmail Account and get Firefox (Deadline: 9/17/08).
      KLHT variation: Please follow all instructions as indicated, EXCEPT: Use THIS FORM to register instead of the one indicated in the "Thing 0" instructions. You DO NOT have to complete PART 2 of the task (where you are asked to email Shelley Paul).
    • Thing 1 - Review some strategies for Lifelong Learning
      KLHT variation: Please view the presentation and take notes as indicated but you are not required to leave a comment on the Voicethread.
    • Thing 2 - Learn a bit about Web 2.0, and Why it Matters

  • Blogging
    • Thing 3 - Set up your blog at Edublogs and write your first posts.
      KLHT variation: If you elect to complete the Stretch Task (not required), please comment on two KLHT colleagues' blogs, listed HERE.
    • Thing 4 - Explore some uses of blogs in education; Consider possibilities for blogging in your professional environment.
      KLHT variation: For PART 2 of the Task, please visit and comment on the blogs of two KLHT participants, listed HERE.

  • RSS and Aggregators
    • Thing 5 - Learn about RSS and set up Google Reader
    • Thing 6 - Feed your reader: find & subscribe to feeds
      KLHT variation: For PART 3 of the Discovery Exercise please adopt two KLHT participants' blogs and email John Faig to let him know who you have adopted.
    • Thing 7 - Begin to build a reading habit (this will continue throughout the course).

  • Wikis
    • Thing 8 - What is a wiki? Explore educational uses for Wikis.
    • Thing 9 - Play around with the KLHT wiki (see instructions on King23Things website).
  • Images & Slideshows
    • Thing 10 - Learn about Creative Commons
    • Thing 11 - Intro to Photosharing and Tagging; explore Flickr
    • Thing 12 - Create an online Slideshow using your own or Creative Commons photos

  • Discover & Reflect
    • Thing 13 - Attend a "21st Century" Conference (in your PJs); Comment on other participant blogs
    • Thing 14 - Explore one or more tools of choice (Gliffy, Quizlet, Ta-Da List, SketchCast, etc)
    • Thing7b - Blog about something interesting you've found in your Google Reader

  • Social Bookmarking & Tagging
    • Thing 15 - Intro to Social Bookmarking; Set up a account and begin adding and tagging resources. Please explore the "Stretch" things because most of you already have Delicious accounts.
    • Thing 16 - Discover LibraryThing

  • Podcasting & Videosharing
    • Thing 17 - Intro to Podcasting; Explore some educational podcasts
    • Thing 18 - Create a "Bare Bones" podcast using Evoca
    • Thing 19 - Intro to Video Sharing; Explore YouTube and TeacherTube

  • Get Productive
    • Thing 20 - Use Google Docs to create and share collaborative documents, spreadsheets and presentations
    • Thing 21 - Create a custom start page using Pageflakes
    • Thing7c - Blog about something interesting you've found in your Google Reader.

  • Connect & Reflect
    • Thing 22 - Learn about Social Networking and explore the Classroom 2.0 and other education-related NING Networks
    • Thing 23 - Add your reflections to the KLHT Voicethread; Blog about your experiences and next steps