How Does Metacognition Enhance Learning?


  • Name: Megan Harris
  • School: King Low Heywood Thomas School
  • Position: Sixth Grade History Teacher
  • KING Website
  • Favorite Aspect of My Job: The best part of my job is working with middle school students because they seek both affirmation as well as advice in all areas of their lives. For example, they desire guidance and support regarding their academics, athletics, social environments, family life and character growth and development. Consequently, I feel most rewarded when I know that I have increased a child's self-esteem as well as helped shape a child's character.

My Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things include the beach, ocean, boating, sunlight, babies, family, friends, books, exercise, dinner parties, naps, church, education, lifelong learning, exposure to different types of people and ways of thinking, twizzlers, diet coke, mom's food, my parents' house, my bed, driving, running, dreaming, sleeping, eating, dancing, listening to hip hop, walking in a park or along a beach, enjoying a sunset, reflecting on values and goals, meeting new people that I feel an instant connection to, movies, shopping, getting my nails done, sitting by a fire, reading, organizing, visiting old friends and relatives, seeking advice from a mentor, receiving feedback on any aspect of my life, being with kids, helping people in some way, cleaning, exploring new places and things, traveling, planning, etc.

Burning Question

What is the most effective teaching strategy for you?

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