Thing 9: Instructions for KLHT Teachers - Creating Your Sandbox Page

Please read all instructions before beginning your page. You may want to print this page to use as a reference.

The idea here is for you to make a page with some choice of content, while ensuring you experiment with basic wiki formatting options. Y ou are welcome to interpret the instructions liberally and creatively, as long as you give the formatting and features an appropriate test drive. After you read the instructions, look at the Sample Sandbox Page to see what the finished product should more-or-less look like. There are LOTS of help references at the bottom of this page.

Three important things
-- Use Firefox, have fun and make small edits -- that means save the page every few minutes, then click Edit this Page to begin editing again! You do not have to complete your page all in one sitting, because you can edit it at any time, from any computer with Internet access.

To create your new page, click New Page (on the upper left below the image of the apples) and type a name for your new page (preferably with NO SPACES). You may want to write down your page name, because you will need to know it later. As an example, the name of the page you are CURRENTLY READING is instructions. You can see the page name at the top of the page (near the image of the apples), and in the browser's address bar above -- <-- right there at the end of the URL.

When you have finished creating your page, go to the HOME page of this wiki and add a link to your page under "Our Sandbox Pages." Be sure to complete the remaining items listed as well.

Your page should contain the following:

PLEASE NOTE: You are free to be creative with your section titles and page contents, include more than the minimum or adaptations of anything. Include pictures, tables, embeds, horizontal rules -- anything you want to try!

  1. A Table of Contents (type [toc] at the top of the page, except use TWO brackets on each side -- this is special code that will automatically turn into a table of contents when you add Headings. Watch the video if you are confused).
  2. A catchy page title (formatted using Heading 1). NOTE: The page title is not the same as the page name. The title of the page you are reading is: "Thing 9: Instructions for Creating Your Sandbox Page." The page name is actually instructions (look at the URL).
  3. Four titled sections using Heading 2 or 3 (so that your table of contents will have something in it).
    - Section 1: Introduction - Include your Name, School Name and Position, a link to your school Website (embedded), and a brief description of something you love about your job.
    - Section 2: Favorite Things - Make a bulleted or numbered list of something you like, such as favorite movies, books, quotations, superheroes, places to travel, restaurants, gadgets, obscure Latin phrases, etc... Anything you like, at least three items.
    - Section 3: Burning Question - Ask a question of the universe (okay, your fellow participants), anything you want... you will receive responses on the Discussion tab at the top of the page! Make this question bold or italicized!
    - Section 4: Web 2.0 Stuff - (We will return to this page in future weeks to embed audio, video and possibly some other "stuff").
  4. At least one image. Upload an image from your computer or link to an image online (be conscious of copyright). For extra fun, create something unique for your page using an online image generator! (Trust me, you want to at least look at the samples).

Help Resources