Welcome to the KLHT Wiki Sandbox!

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image by thawizard

NOTE: You must be a member of this space (and logged in) to add and edit pages.

To become a spacee member, you must Join Wikispaces, then request to Join the space. Please check with John Faig for assistance.

Ready to wiki?

The following superfun tasks are designed to give you some basic wiki editing and collaborative content-building experience.

Parts of the Sandcastle

(or, for you literal types - the stuff you need to do):

  1. Add your personal sandbox page to this wiki, according to theSandbox Page Instructions.
  2. Add a link on this page (below) to your completed sandbox page (instructions below).
  3. Share a favorite website on Sites We Like.
  4. Visit the sandbox pages of two classmates (pages listed below) and answer their burning questions using the Discussion tab. Be sure to revisit your page to see if anyone has addressed your question!
  5. OPTIONAL: If you have already begun using blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc... in your classroom or professional role, please share your Web 2.0 project(s) with us!
  6. As the course progresses, you will return to this wiki to add some additional content, such as an embedded slideshow and video clip, and a Web 2.0 tool review!

KLHT Sandbox Pages

To add your page to the list:
  1. Log in to the wiki and click Edit This Page.
  2. Type your page title and name.
  3. Highlight the page title, then click the link button on the floating toolbar.
  4. In the Add Link pop-up window, click the radio button for Wiki Link.
  5. Click the drop-down list and select your page name.
  6. Click OK to close the link window.
  7. Click Save to save your changes to this page.